Monday, February 6, 2012


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Not bad for a weekend. 

We may not know anything as to if we are chosen to parent this little guy for several days or even a couple weeks. Really, that's for the best for his mama making this daunting choice. I continue to pray for her. 

Last night we were discussing the financial aspect of this adoption. Honestly, we thought we were on hold and could take several months to build our adoption fund and get things in order. Funny how God moves. Simply because of that, I wouldn't be surprised if this is THE situation. 

Here's the nuts and bolts of what we're looking at. We need to raise $4,500 immediately if we are chosen. 

That could be by the end of this week. 

One of the questions thrown on the table as we were discussing this was, "How can we do this?" 

We can't. 

But God can. 

The reality is, as cute as baby M is (and believe, his cuteness level is off the charts!), he's a toddler. That makes him so much harder to place. I wish that weren't the case, but it is. 

If we are chosen, we will be applying for grants to help since he is harder to place. Perhaps we'll get something, but maybe not. Often times granting agencies need time. I have no idea as of now how quickly the agency will want to act once M's mama makes her choice. Hopefully quickly. 

Would you consider helping us? I'd hate for a few dollars to stand in the way of us providing baby M a forever home.

Again, more than again we ask for your prayers. For M, his mama and her family as they deal with the heartache of separation. 

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